Eradicating Abuse and Empowering Family Restoration Through Determination, Education, Encouragement and Love  


Domestic Abuse also known as spousal abuse, is when one partner tries to intimidate the other person by using control.  Domestic abuse that contains violence is called Domestic Violence.  Domestic Violence has several segments which the person who is being abused can be experiencing all of them or maybe one.  The different segments are Physical, Emotional, Sexual or Psychological; no one segment is easier to deal with, it is still abuse.

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence can happen to anyone.  Normally, the abuser is either a spouse or a domestic partner; however the abuser can be a friend, a family member or just about anyone.  Abuse is not just for a particular culture, age, economic status or race; abuse is just WRONG.  Each person is entitled to live a free and happy life.  You are suppose to be respected, fell valued, feel loved and feel safe.

Each day families face various obstacles or difficulties; life happens.  Income reduction, a spouse that left, homelessness, sickness or something that can make a drastic impact in a family’s life, tends to happen constantly especially now with the state of the world’s economy.

Destined To Be Free is an organization that was created to bring some for of freedom to the lives of one, two, three or whoever we can help not only nationally but internationally.  If this cause is something you feel you would like to get involved with, please connect with us, we would love to have you on our team.

Our Partners

Dedication & Purpose

With our Dedication and Purpose program, Destined To Be Free works with the government, law enforcement, other non profit agencies and advocates to help victims and families. Learn More»

Awareness and Education

Through our Awareness and Education programs, we provide workshops and various types of events to bring awareness and also help families with restoration. Learn More»

Health and Wellness

Our Health & Wellness Program, helps in various ways to focus on their health and wellness and to guide them in to realizing that this is a very essential part of their lives. Learn More»
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